Epic Guide – A Genie’s Last Wish

2016-02-21 04_15_01-MUSHclient - [Aardwolf]

SO… Another epic! Wire brought us a new epic, which he got after Trollemite abandoned the development. This one by far is the most cooperative epic that we have on main port, except for the mini epics.
This epic is divided into three steps, with progressive and adjusted difficulty: lower tiers receive mobs adjusted to their capabilities. Each step has a mob that spawns when you do some action: this mob always have three different versions adapted to your tier range.

The three phases at this epic are:

  • Sands Maze
  • Fat Genie
  • General

This epic has a rejoin mechanic similar to Oradrin: you receive a token after doing the first part and it upgrades between the other two phases. The area also has a run counter similar to inferno’s lodestone which you have to hold before the run ends or you’ll receive another and doesn’t receive the rank count for this one.

2016-02-21 15_04_36-MUSHclient - [Aardwolf]

The entrance to the area has only one path to the genie, which room holds 2 cexits: one lead to the epic part (wish for peace) and the other leads to the pup zone (wish for chaos). At the pupping area, you can collect magical oil which is used in the last part.

To rejoin after you have the item (Tay al-Ard): hold the item, go to area, walk n (genie room) and bow to genie.

2016-02-21 15_03_35-MUSHclient - [Aardwolf]

The path to the entrance of the epic: from the genie – wish for peace, run 4n – wait for leader command to wish for adventure. At any time, you can get out of the maze using – wish for forgiveness (you will be teleported to siren’s maze)

Sands Maze:

This part is similar to a clan maze and the approach is analogous to a raid. Here we have a “fixed path” to follow and we don’t need to crack the complete path each run: from the first room, run leader need the hunts for sands. With the hunt result, the leader can figure the path to use during this run to collect the keys. With the 12 keys, we can proceed to the next part, but…

Here’s the catch: every time a player walks inside there is a chance to spawn an aura of general. If you die, wait at the room BEFORE wish for adventure to not spawn extra mobs. Only move when the run leader says so!

Another thing: we frequently pacify the sands (have tons of HP and can wait until we finish the auras) so don’t use any kind of AoE during these rooms.

So, let’s talk about strategy: typically the leader enters and pacifies the first room sands (each main room have 2). The group follows and handle the general auras that will appear. A companion (normally a low tier with a hunt script) will get the hunts for each of the side rooms to find the path. After that, the leader will nominate a group holder while he walks through the rooms pacifying the other sands.
After collecting all 12 keys, it is time to start the second run part.

Fat Genie:

This is a fun part, which you need to pay a lot of attention and to be fast. After you get your first **Tay al-Ard**, you’ll find yourself in a cave without exits: the only way to proceed is to use a room prog “find the lamp.” At this point remove your aura, cast/renew sanctuary before the next step. When you type it, you will be transported to kill a mob adjusted to your tier (strong, insane and xxx). After you kill the mob, you’ll wear a protective aura which protects you from the fat genie prog. You will hit him for a while, the aura will rot and the genie prog will kick you back to the cave. Find the lamp again, kill the guardian and hit the fat genie until he dies.

The problem here is: if the fat genie room stays empty, he regenerates to 100% quickly. The idea here is to cycle consistently players through the lamp and keep hitting him always.

After the fat genie dies, all players who are still in the cave need to “find the lamp” to rejoin the main group. When the group is in the same room, all should wear the Tay al-Ard and proceed: leader enters the portal, gives the fat to the genie and each player will bow to the genie, converting the Tay al-Ard into the new version. Now you are in the last part.

Dark General:

Boring mob: you land in a vast cavern, similar to Oradrin generals area. Each room have a genie immune to all: to clear these rooms you need to have the oils collected at the pup zone and a prog will implode the mob. Walking through the rooms, you’ll find an alcove where the dark general lies.

The General room have the same prog used at the maze part: when you enter, there is a chance to spawn an aura. If you die, do not rejoin so there are fewer opportunities the group dies for the red auras (yellow and blue doesn’t present a real threat).

The General call waves of four mobs which rescues each other. If you keep hitting the General, double waves will spawn and it will be a wipe. We must clear the entire wave before killing the general or he regenerates to full.

After you kill the mob, wear your blue Tay al-Ard and bow the genie to receive a red Tay al-Ard. Next step you only have to wear the red Tay al-Ard AND the carpet (track your runs) to do the last step: wish for glory. Different from inferno, genie doesn’t alert you if you’re not wearing the lodestone, so take care.

And that’s it. It is a smaller epic, but still really hard and need more attention from attending players.

We still don’t have any idea about rewards. Considering the repop takes 4 days, it will take some time until we see the first rewards. When the time comes, I’ll do a new post with the rewards.