Epic Guide – Inferno

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So you want to be a hero?™

This is a guide to help you on your first and subsequent Aardwolf MUD Inferno runs. This is a reviewed guide based on original guide posted on ChAoS site with extended info written by Androg and Yowza and some years of experience.

  • Duration: 1h – 1:30h (average, a bit longer if we do an explore run);
  • Group size: 25 to 50;
  • Who can go: Any SH. Below 15khp is most sure to die in most rooms since you can find lots of roomprogs or mobprogs that cause massive damage;
  • Deaths: High chance to die, but you can come back. This is a Morgue Area, so if you die we do not have to recover your corpse (you respawn with your items);
  • Rewards: Several Hero Only EQs, some of them are the best in the game (but they are rare). Your best chance to get one of them is to do most runs you can;
  • Ore: Some mobs on Battlefield can randomly drop (M)(G)(H) some red fiery ore from the Inferno (200), which is one of the best ore in the game. There is a chest at the tower, which ALWAYS have an ore inside. As a rule of thumb, this piece goes to the Run Leader for the effort to organize a run;
  • Area Portal: Ultra Very Rare and it is limited to run organizers right now;
  • Speed walk: There is one, but no need to worry since run organizers will always set a pet mob up from the entrance;
  • From Entrance (Door Mob) to Alai (Transporter Mob): run des2desw3d (every time we ask for you to go to Alai, you will door <petmob> and walk this path);
  • Ranks: Inferno follows Aardwolf Rank system, which gives you a better chance to get better rewards proportional to your completed runs number. Your run count is on your lodestone: you get this item when you complete your first run, and you have to hold it every time on your last step. If you do not hold it, you will receive another lodestone and this run will not count on your runs/rank number. You can see a lodestone identify below:

2016-02-21 01_44_34-MUSHclient - [Aardwolf].png

The number after your player name is your run count. If you rename someday, remember the imm doing the rename to correct your lodestone. If not, the lodestone will not work at the end of the run.

About the ranks: you reach a new rank after a set number of runs:

Rank Nº of Runs
1 00 – 14
2 15 – 34
3 35 – 74
4 75 – 130
5 130+

What you need to know for inferno is: if you do more runs, you have more chance to get better rewards.

Run Preparation:

As almost all Super Hero activities, there are a few rules for you DO NOT BE THAT GUY. Most of those rules are common knowledge to Inferno Runs, Oradrin Chosen Runs, Cracks of Terra Runs, Icefall Runs or Raids, so carry these rules in your mind and heart forever for your mud life. If you pay attention and follow these rules and the commands said on gtell, you are already a winner.

The rules are simple:

  • Scribe at least five 3x (if you have 600 INT/WIS/LUCK) Incomplete scrolls or 10 2x (If you have lower INT/LUCK). We need those for the last mob;
  • Wimpy set to 0 (if you flee, you’ll die anyway, so stick with the group);
  • Check yours SPAMREDUCE settings to something that is good to you;
  • Minimize channel spam to pay attention to order, going quiet/deaf is a good option during the run;
  • Damage 2 is ideal to reduce attack spam;
  • Stock up MANA potions, you’ll use a lot party and incomplete healing;
  • Bring a Shield to reduce damage (15%).


The run have 7 distinguished parts, each one of them with specific rules. They are:

  1. Bridge Cleaning
  2. Medallion Run
  3. Battlefield
  4. Orbs
  5. Artisural Split
  6. Death and Sacrifices
  7. Run Finish

I am going to explain each part and some parts you do not have an explicit role if you are not a max T9, but I recommend that you pay attention to everything. As most runs, 90% of the work are on leader’s hand, you just have to pay attention and follow the rules sent via group tell channel.

Yowza made this full map some time ago, showing the entire area and we will cover all points in this post.




This goal is almost automatic. There are two steps that you must do besides be together with the party during the entire run:

  • Type ASK at Alai to open the goal (before the beginning of the battlefield);
  • Type NOD KAARE at… Kaare! (Run Leader will warn both steps).


During the 1st through the 3rd part of the run, the leader must gather six runes. These runes are needed to figure where the orbs go (4th part). The runes are colored (RED OR BLUE) and you must Copy/Paste it with colors to the leader. Their localization are:

  1. Lantern Rune: You must identify the Charon Lantern item (need high INT/WIS to look the rune) [identify lantern to get it];
  2. Spire Rune: localized ES from the landing room of Spire [Look rune to get it];
  3. Fountain Rune: Start of the Battlefield, room 2S (need high CON/WIS to drink the fountain and gather the rune) [Drink Spring to get it];
  4. Plutus Stomach: During the fight with Plutus (one of the battlefield mid-bosses, a mobprog will trigger and drop you at this room) [Look Rune to get it];
  5. East/Barrel Battlefield: After killing Plutus, the path open to get this rune (special occasion: Minos mid-boss can teleport you to this room) [Look Rune to get it];
  6. West Rune: After killing Malebranche mid-boss, the path open to get this rune (special occasion: Minos mid-boss can teleport you to this room) [Look Barrel to get it].

Some runes example are (missing one):


At the beginning of the area, you have a bridge composed of 8 rooms and an annoying roomprog: the group must walk together. If you do not follow the path, the entire group is teleported to the closest bridge end and the bridge is closed for about 5 minutes. If the bridge is closed, Alai transport mobprog do not work, and the group cannot get medallions. DO NOT BE THAT GUY and pay attention to the orders from the bridge clearing leader to know which direction to move and DON’T SLACK. NORMALLY ONLY A SMALL GROUP CLEAR THE BRIDGE. There is a map from the bridge part down:BRIDGE CLEANING


The procedure is simple, the room 2W from the room marked with a # is the first real room of the bridge, and the rectangle comprise the entire sector. From the west room (The / \ room) the Run Leader will call the moves and clear each room of the bridge. A clearing follows the path ESENESENSE. After the bridge, you must kill a demon and the FIRST MID BOSS: CHARON. The boss call waves of small mobs (if he has time). When he dies, you will find Charon’s Lantern on the floor. The Run Leader gets the lantern, and identify to get the LANTERN RUNE to the Run Leader. If the Run Leader doesn’t have 551 INT/WIS, someone needs to identify and copy/paste it at the personal board. This step is finished when the Bridge Cleaning Leader drops the lantern in the right room to open the path.


From this point until the end of the run, PAY ATTENTION to all Run Leader commands on gtell. Some commands are timed and if you do not type quick enough (no more than 30 seconds), you will lock yourself out of the current run.

The medallion run step is crucial. In this step, you will get one neck EQ that have particular use during the battlefield and the end of the run (3rd and 7th steps). YOU MUST USE THIS EQ ALL THE TIME IN THE NEXT STEP (Battlefield). If you do not use it, Orc Troopers will appear and cause trouble. DO NOT BE THAT GUY. You must wear the medallion before the end of the run, or you do not get your reward.

After cleaning the bridge, Run Leader will call everyone to door to the pet mob set at the entrance of Inferno. Cast doorway as quick as possible to not delay the start of the run. After the group gathers, Run Leader will walk the group to the room 2w from the room marked with # in the last picture. In this room, you must enter the command STARE SPIRE (Run Leader will call the command). You will land in a room with a mob who lock your moves and it will transfer the group after a while.

After the transfer, Run Leader gets the SPIRE RUNE and after walks to the Shade room. THIS NEXT STEP IS TIMED, SO DO NOT JUMP THE GUN AND DO NOT IDLE. When Run Leader send the command at gtell, type as soon as possible (the command is greet shade). When you type it, you will be transported to a room at the bridge with the medallion. I suggest that you KEEP it (help keep) before WEARING it.

After the ENTIRE group greet shade (and Run Leader kicks who did not greet shade during the right time), the BRIDGE HOLDER will walk north and stay there. The Run Leader will command the group to walk NW to get out of the bridge without locking it. When the entire group passes, the BRIDGE HOLDER walks west to join the group.

Double Check to guarantee that everyone is USING the Medallion and Run Leader walks to Alai run, who will transfer the entire group to the end of the bridge. Run Leader will escort the group to the threshold of the battlefield, where he asks to the MAIN TANK to walk south. At this point, the group needs to walk manually south after the MAIN TANK did (this room have a roomprog that prevent the Run Leader move the group). Here starts the next step:


This step comprises a pyramid of 34 rooms, four runes and five mid-bosses. During quick runs, we can SKIP ROOMS to reduce the time crossing the battlefield. There are three parts on the battlefield that we clear only during EXPLORE RUNS. These are:

  • Tower (6 rooms)
  • East Rune Rooms (3 rooms)
  • West Rune Rooms (4 rooms)


We can skip a few other, but most of the time we do not skip them to let them easy to cross at the next runs (each repop add mobs to these runs, sometimes turning impossible to skip it). There is another detail: you must kill the bosses in order, or else they respawn.

The group leader will walk the group, sending the MAIN TANK forward and moving after. If you are a T9, you have to RESCUE THE MAIN TANK or ATTACK THE MOBS. During the attack, ENTIRE GROUP must be PARTY HEALING to out heal the damage taken. Some of the mobs (Burning Souls) explode when die so that some small HP players can die during these rooms. IF YOU DIE, GO BACK TO ALAI ROOM ASAP: with 3 players at Alai room, this subgroup will get transferred to the other side of the bridge. Here you walk e2sd2s back to the first room of the battlefield.

At the second battlefield room, a player with more than 551 CON/WIS must get the SPRING RUNE and post (in color) at the personal board to the run leader).

This is the list of resistances for BATTLEFIELD MID BOSS:

MINOS Mental, poison, water
PLUTUS Fire, mental Slow kill until someone gets eaten and post the STOMACH RUNE
GERYON Acid, air, cold, earth, energy, fire, light, electric, mental, shadow, sonic, water Must poison before kill
MALEBRANCHE Mental Cannot flee from his room, mobprog kills who does it.
NIMROD Bash, pierce, slash, mental Cannot quaff in his room while he is alive.


Next step is the FIRST BATTLEFIELD MID BOSS: MINOS. This boss can punch you through the battlefield, sometimes landing in one of the West/East Rune room. If Minos teleport you, recall and go back to Alai ASAP. If you get one of the runes, remember to send at personal board noting that side the rune is.

After Minos, it is time to kill the SECOND BATTLEFIELD MID BOSS: PLUTUS. This is a tedious task: it starts with a skip room (remember, AUTOASSIST always OFF here) to clear the east room to this boss, phealing thanks to the exploding mobs. After this step a small group of T9s goes west so the MAIN TANK can bring the mob down to approximately 89% or until the mobprog trigger and Plutus eat someone. The player in stomach run must get the STOMACH RUNE and post it on personal to Run Leader. When the Run Leader confirm, all T9s go to the boss room and kill him and the side mobs.

After this, is time to kill the THIRD BATTLEFIELD MID BOSS: GERYON: You must poison and disease Geryon before killing her. Outside this warning, just keep an eye in your HP and you will be okay. After killing him, look if you are webbed, since this mob cast web, disease and poison all the time.

Before the next boss, a tank player must get the EAST/BARREL RUNE (if we do not get with the group). After getting this rune, it is time to kill the FOURTH BATTLEFIELD MID BOSS: MALEBRANCHE. This boss have a special mobprog that kills anyone who tries to flee from him.

When he dies, is time to get the WEST RUNE (same stuff as East). With this rune, is time to kill the LAST BATTLEFIELD MID BOSS: NIMROD. This room have a nasty mobprog attached that triggers every time someone quaff/recite in his room. If you need mana/heal, you must flee from his room (only one direction available) and quaff in the safe room east from him. After Nimrod is dead, the place is safe, and you can quaff there. Nimrod drops an item called ENLIGHTENMENT needed to open the path to the 4th part. Whoever gets the kill receive the item (Remember, autoloot on and do not have a crowded inventory). Give the item to the Run Leader and he will deliver the item to the mob who opens the path to the 4th part: ORBS.



Here you do not use the medallion anymore, so you can wear your normal neck gear (remember that you need this item to end the run, so do not drop it). Also, you can do a quick quest when the Run Leader is preparing the position of the puzzle.

This step is simple but gives much work to complete. Run Leader search this small area for the matching runes for this run and go to a control room. When most people of the group come back from their quests, the Run Leader will send a color and a direction. This is the command for the ORB PUSHERS know where they must push a mob called BLUE/RED ORB to complete the puzzle. There are six runes, so this step consist in push six orbs WITHOUT KILLING THEM. When the orb appears, some side aggro mobs appear together with them. You must clear this room and warn the Run Leader that you finished it.




When the sixth orb is in position and the central room is clear, the Run Leader will issue a command and you change automatically to another room. The Run Leader will move the group to the center room, and a path down will be open. There lies the ORBS MID BOSS: GUARDIAN. His room is no magic, and it hits hard. His room cannot be empty before he dies, or he will go back to 100% health.

The strategy is simple: all T9s must go down to attack him while the small tiers AND T9s without maximum HP stays at the up room casting party healing all the time. When a T9 drops too much, he must flee to this room and start party healing too, so everyone heal faster. When it ends, we group again and keep party healing until everyone goes full health. After that, we move to the 5th step of the run: ARTISURAL SPLIT.



This part is quick and probably the most difficult part of the run: There are five rooms and the group splits between those rooms to kill five mid bosses and two side mobs. Below we have which mobs are in each room and theirs immunities and details

Direction Mob Immunity Details
North Robert pierce, air, cold, earth, fire, electric, mental noquaff room
South Jacob bash, slash, air, light, mental nospell room
Down Emilie slash, earth, light, electric, mental, poison, shadow
Up Victor bash, light, mental
Center Artisural pierce, cold, mental, poison, shadow

When you clear a room, someone must remain sitting in that room. If any room goes empty before all mobs killed, the entire group go to the FAIL ROOM, and everyone must die. Again, DO NOT BE THAT GUY. The last mob killed drops a key, which the Run Leader needs to open the path to the 6th step: DEATH AND SACRIFICES.



The Run Leader will lead the group to a room with one mob called Kaare. This room is the path to the LAST AND MAIN BOSS: DEATH.

When the Run Leader enters this room: IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT: DO NOT MOVE until he says so. If you move, everyone must recall and regroup in this room.

Here, Run Leader assigns some orders and roles before the showdown. The steps are:

  1. Give all brewed potions and scribed scrolls to one (or more) players who will stay at death room;
  2. For healers, it is time to quaff until your mana is full;
  3. For goal doers, nod Karee.


The roles are:

  1. SACRIFICES: The three sacrifices (west, east, and south) must walk WHEN THE RUN LEADER SAY SO and will stay still until death is killed. If you move, we have to start again, and we can afford to do it again because the lack of potions and scrolls. Every time the serpent (mob in your room) do a mobprog and you lost HP, you ONLY have to type report and NOTHING ELSE;
  2. SACRIFICE HEALER: Your role is to keep your assigned sacrifice healed. Use only incomplete heals to do it and do it every time it reports. Also, people who drop in the room can ask you for random heals. Pay attention, keep your sacrifice healed in first place and keep your mana high;
  3. DEATH TANK: Simple as that, who will be the main tank for the mob;
  4. DEATH HITTERS: Who can help hitting death;
  5. WAVE HITTERS: Every time death goes down by 10%, he calls a wave of mobs. This group must kill these mobs.
  6. TANK HEALER: Title says all, you must use the scrolls (dropped on the floor) to keep the main tank healed. If you lack scrolls, use incomplete heal.
  7. CANNON FODDER: People with low HP, you probably die during this part… just go back to Alai if you die. Also stay only with sacrifices and never go to the central room.

Run Leader defines the sacrifices, permanent sacrifice healers, and tank. Tank typically assign extra hitters if needed. All the others are Wave Hitters and Tank Healers (if you do not see your name listed, you already know your role).

Death is a time-consuming kill, but after that, we only have the 7th step: RUN FINISH. When Death dies, all sacrifices can stand up, and everyone will reunite in the central room. Who gets the kill must give the SEAL item to the Run Leader ASAP.



First, the Run Leader will regroup the entire party at the central room. Everyone must WEAR MEDALLION and HOLD LODESTONE to be ready to finish the run. If this is your first run, you will receive the lodestone at the end. The Run Leader will lead the group through a portal (timed portal, so it is important that everyone rejoin before moving) and wait in the reward room. The last mob will appear after a while (Buramukin Scout) and the command is BOW BURA to get your prize.

Some people like to tip the Run Leader with a Trivia Token or the gold equivalent for the effort leading the group. This is not a rule, but we appreciate it since these runs are time expensive to organize.

And that’s it! Send extra information or corrections directly to me on Personal Board – note to Koala.