Epic Guide: Oradrin’s Chosen

2016-02-20 23_42_58-MUSHclient - [Aardwolf]

  • Who can go: Any superhero
  • Group Size: 10+ So long as we have enough to handle the boss mobs
  • Duration: 15-30 minutes
  • Deaths: it happens, but you can come back
  • Rewards: 2 Rank1 items (Oradrin’s Gift, light slot & Cloak of the Deep, body slot), 2 Rank2 items (Mantle of the Deep, head slot & Destiny, Eyes slot), plus some other goodies.
  • Area Portal: will be handed out by run leader based on run count when it becomes available. Shaelynne tracks runs here: http://tinyurl.com/qjh2qpm
  • Speedwalk: run 2s8w21s43we or use the door mob run leader sets up
  • Tracking: You’ll get a Mark of Oradrin when you complete a run. You’ll want to save it for subsequent runs, but it doesn’t track anything, so if you lose it you’ll just get another one.

Note: Please keep in mind if you have strict socials on. You’ll want to write the full command out.

Run Preparation:

  • Autoloot on
  • Autosac off
  • Practice party heal
  • Practice incomplete heal
  • Have a couple of weapons with different damtypes
  • No PK during an Epic Run (this will get you banned)
  • Remove group triggers
  • Keep group talk to a minimum
  • Pay attention to run leader directions
  • If you go AFK during a run, you will be left behind.

For the Goal:

Go to the beginning of the area, listen storyteller to open goal, and kill the mobs in the first 9 rooms.

Collect the following runes and give to the Storyteller. Goal completes when you finish your first run.

  • Star Rune
  • Solar Rune
  • Shadow Rune
  • Heart Rune
  • Wave Rune

The Run is divided in four parts:

  • Gates
  • Maze
  • Generals
  • Final Boss



There are four boss mobs standing guard at gates that you must kill within about 30 seconds of each other. Before you can kill the boss mobs, you have to clear the Guardians that are with them.

  • If you banish or disintegrate guards use “banish guardian”
  • If you banish a boss mob we will have to reset by killing a second one
  • Boss mobs and guards are down from the direction of their gate
  • North: always leave one acolyte alive or more will spawn
  • West has no guards
  • East hits the hardest
  • Be sure to clear side rooms for guards as well

Gate Directions:

  • North – Arizan (neutral, always leave one acolyte in the room)
  • South – Joshua (neutral, progs push you outside the room)
  • East – Lai (lowest hp, highest damage)
  • West – Sherizai (lowest damage, highest hp)

· Run leader will assign tanks for each of the four gates

· Everyone else will spread out evenly

· West starts, South starts at 30%, All Blast at 25%

· If your boss dies, get back to the area and help kill another boss

· Uncurse Emerald and give it to run leader

· If a run leader calls for another strategy, follow their directions



After all four bosses are cleared you meet in the down center room (#), it will be unlocked after all four boss mobs die.

If you’re not with the group door mobname, run ednds

  • Run leader: will give the Emerald to the Guardian. Entire group must be at the central room or they’ll not be recognized and cannot do the next step.
  • Type DOWN for green signet and move with the group
  • This is timed (25 secs!). Go AFK and you will miss out.
  • If you don’t disconnect from aardwolf and you are willing, you should place a pet at the end of the maze. Much appreciated.

This section is a 9 room maze called The Deep, with 5 valid rooms to end the path (other 4 are only for explore runs). If there is a hunt mob placed, it’s significantly easier. The run leader will follow a tank through the maze and everyone will rescue the tank ASAP. Do not move on your own unless you are the tank.

Run leader: will either hunt the mob or assign someone else to hunt and announce on group the next room direction. The leader will rename the group to maze directions. Leader will follow tank after they move.

Tank: be sure to go visible before you move into the next room and the current room is entirely cleared before moving.

Runner: If there is no hunt mob placed, the run leader will need a tank and two volunteers to check for directions. The directions are generally broken down into two sections “NED” and “SWU”.

  • The correct room will have mobs and (G) graffiti mark (note that you have ONE fake room with a Madrox graffiti). The last room does have graffiti and you have more mobs (9) in the room.
  • Move into the room and recall ASAP – or it will kill you
  • Door mobname, EDNDS, wear sig, nod keeper, follow directions back to group
  • Announce next direction in group ASAP
  • Repeat process until all five directions are called
  • Pay close attention, if there is (G) but no mobs, it’s the wrong room.
  • You’ll want max health and stats

DO NOT BREATH IN THE LAST ROOM. The keeper is immune to everything and you’ll need to recall and walk back. The run leader will warn you about it.

Whoever do the last hit at the guardians: Give Sapphire and Crystal Key to run leader.

  • Wear signets
  • Run leader will give sapphire to Keeper
  • Type: bow arb (timed, also 25 secs)
  • Receive blue signet





There are three (3) bosses in this section (D’vinara, Arkeld and Zavin). If one of them is in the room, target it quickly since they do HEAVY prog damage (don’t need to ask for rescue, they hit the entire room) if they are together. The last one will give the ruby to pass to the next (and last) step.

Tank will move through each room in the rectangle. The runner leader will follow and group will rescue. After all the mobs are cleared, the run leader will move group to the room NED from the start point (#).

  • Give Ruby to run leader
  • Run leader will give ruby to Keeper
  • Wear signets
  • Type BOW ARB
  • Receive red signet


Final Boss:

  • If you have low health, sit right away
  • All others, go down
  • Damp & Reverse Asvarien
  • Blast & Terminate
  • Ignore all other mobs, focus on Asvarien
  • Flee if low

IF YOU DO THE LAST HIT: Give Diamond and Rune to run leader

  • Wear signet
  • Wear mark
  • Run leader will give diamond Keeper


Congratulations, you made it through Oradrin’s Chosen